What do your customers say?

your customers - are talking

What do your customers say about you?
Do you care?
If not – why not??

Less than 5% of companies do a good job of listening to their customers.
(by good I mean they respond and pursue deeper customer relationships)


Harvard Business Review just posted an article that “emotional connection to brands is worth more than quality”.
Go ahead read that again.
Yeah – emotional connection

Your superior quality is ok – but your emotional connection is priceless.

How do you build an emotional connection by ignoring someone?

You have to answer the phone, answer the email, respond on social media, and pay attention to your customers.

If you haven’t guessed it – the emotional connection is what drives recurring sales. Recurring sales are the gold mine of revenue.

If you care about revenue – care about what your customers say.
Make that emotional connection and make bank.