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Business is simple

Until you make it complicated. Simple business looks like this: 1) happy customers 2) who regularly return 3) and tell their friends 3.a) who then also become happy customers This is a virtuous cycle. Which seems so easy to understand. Except. Damn near every business forgets steps 2, 3, and 3,a. Getting a customer in […]

Customer churn hurts

You don’t understand Amazon – and neither does anyone else. What’s Amazon’s game? What do they want to be when they grow up? Have you heard Jeff mention it on any shareholder calls? “No idea” is likely your answer. Because no-one has ever admitted the truth of what Amazon’s end game is. ( I’ll tell […]

Restaurants – its NOT about the food

Customer lifetime value is the game of the best restaurants   Good restaurants serve delectable food. Great restaurants – they take amazing care of the customer.       Not enough restauranteurs grasp this intuitively. ( the ones who do are grateful for their apprenticeship )   Some restauranteurs believe their good food is the […]

Smart service -> $$++

I just got up-sold two services and I’m very happy about it.   That’s ~30% more revenue for the company than I initially planned to spend. And all because a behemoth treated me like a valuable human.   This is proof that “we can’t scale great interactions” is a lazy tactic – which ultimately leads […]

Customer Service is dead

Your customer service is dead. And by that I mean – the way you’ve historically defined customer service ( and probably were taught it in some educational program ) is gone, dead, fossilized. It’s dead because your customers say so – and at the end of the day the customer is the power player here, […]

Reputation management or damage control?

If your hiring a social agency for damage control – it’s way to late and that agency can’t help. You did something very bad and should fix ( over – fix ) the issue. Your reputation is stained – period. Reputation management is like securing a network – after all the data has been scooped […]

Social media posting is a 3 step process

But everyone forgets steps 2 and 3   Every social media vendor has tutorials for posting on social media. Most have multiple articles, some even have videos. All touted as being drivers of sales.   That’s awesome – but it’s incomplete. Horribly and neglectfully incomplete. ( sorry folks, just being real here )   Step […]

The customer journey is everything

Sales are awesome. Reviews are gratifying. Loyal customers validate our ideas.   But this is only the last 3% of the story.   Customer journeys start years and continents away. The story of how they got to you – your hotel, restaurant, audio book, socket set – started when they were kids, hearing stories, imagining […]

The phone call is dead – email is close behind

Good news – your clients are clamoring to get your attention.  They want to do business with you – NOW.    Bad news – NOT the way you are used to.  They are avoiding your phone number as hard as possible, they don’t want to email either.  In all honesty – it’s because the chances […]

Hack Facebook’s reach – and conquer the Reachpocalypse…

Or – how almost all my colleagues in social media have the Facebook reach challenge completely wrong   No disrespect to all the folks I know who have been working in social for decades. Even with all that experience, they are missing the impact and opportunity with the Facebook algorithms change.   I take a scrappy […]