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Restaurants – its NOT about the food

Customer lifetime value is the game of the best restaurants   Good restaurants serve delectable food. Great restaurants – they take amazing care of the customer.       Not enough restauranteurs grasp this intuitively. ( the ones who do are grateful for their apprenticeship )   Some restauranteurs believe their good food is the […]

Smart service -> $$++

I just got up-sold two services and I’m very happy about it.   That’s ~30% more revenue for the company than I initially planned to spend. And all because a behemoth treated me like a valuable human.   This is proof that “we can’t scale great interactions” is a lazy tactic – which ultimately leads […]

Customer Service is dead

Your customer service is dead. And by that I mean – the way you’ve historically defined customer service ( and probably were taught it in some educational program ) is gone, dead, fossilized. It’s dead because your customers say so – and at the end of the day the customer is the power player here, […]

Reputation management or damage control?

If your hiring a social agency for damage control – it’s way to late and that agency can’t help. You did something very bad and should fix ( over – fix ) the issue. Your reputation is stained – period. Reputation management is like securing a network – after all the data has been scooped […]

Social media posting is a 3 step process

But everyone forgets steps 2 and 3   Every social media vendor has tutorials for posting on social media. Most have multiple articles, some even have videos. All touted as being drivers of sales.   That’s awesome – but it’s incomplete. Horribly and neglectfully incomplete. ( sorry folks, just being real here )   Step […]

The customer journey is everything

Sales are awesome. Reviews are gratifying. Loyal customers validate our ideas.   But this is only the last 3% of the story.   Customer journeys start years and continents away. The story of how they got to you – your hotel, restaurant, audio book, socket set – started when they were kids, hearing stories, imagining […]

The phone call is dead – email is close behind

Good news – your clients are clamoring to get your attention.  They want to do business with you – NOW.    Bad news – NOT the way you are used to.  They are avoiding your phone number as hard as possible, they don’t want to email either.  In all honesty – it’s because the chances […]

Hack Facebook’s reach – and conquer the Reachpocalypse…

Or – how almost all my colleagues in social media have the Facebook reach challenge completely wrong   No disrespect to all the folks I know who have been working in social for decades. Even with all that experience, they are missing the impact and opportunity with the Facebook algorithms change.   I take a scrappy […]

Are you wasting your advertising budget?

How big is your advertising budget? How ineffective is it? Advertising is just a conversation starter and your ad is just one voice in a cacophony. The 85 year old patriarch of my family understands this. He knows that businesses thrive on conversation and word of mouth. He wants ( and gets ) relationships with […]

Cheaper, faster, easier

Being focused helps companies build better products.   ADP does payroll – cheaper, faster, easier than companies can do themselves. Bridgestone makes tires – cheaper, faster, easier than car manufactures can do themselves Corning makes GorillaGlass – cheaper, faster easier than Apple can make it.   At Red Rope Social we focus on social media […]