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Hack Facebook’s reach – and conquer the Reachpocalypse…

Or – how almost all my colleagues in social media have the Facebook reach challenge completely wrong   No disrespect to all the folks I know who have been working in social for decades. Even with all that experience, they are missing the impact and opportunity with the Facebook algorithms change.   I take a scrappy […]

Are you wasting your advertising budget?

How big is your advertising budget? How ineffective is it? Advertising is just a conversation starter and your ad is just one voice in a cacophony. The 85 year old patriarch of my family understands this. He knows that businesses thrive on conversation and word of mouth. He wants ( and gets ) relationships with […]

Cheaper, faster, easier

Being focused helps companies build better products.   ADP does payroll – cheaper, faster, easier than companies can do themselves. Bridgestone makes tires – cheaper, faster, easier than car manufactures can do themselves Corning makes GorillaGlass – cheaper, faster easier than Apple can make it.   At Red Rope Social we focus on social media […]

What’s guest happiness worth to you?

Can you afford to spend 8cents/night on guest happiness? To have your guests be happy, tell their friends about you, and come back??   Business has changed for hotels and resorts. Third party aggregators and agents have commoditized you by price. Your loyalty program is ineffective in keeping customers (consumers average 8 loyalty programs ). […]

Why private responses on reviews are a bad idea

You know how important perception is for your hotel.   You put a lot of effort into marketing, decor, and guest impressions. The part you may not be thinking about is “what do my guest’s friends think?” based on your social media responses ( or lack of response ).   Social media is word of mouth – […]

How to improve your hotel’s revenue by $30K+ per month

That is not a typo. And it’s at the low end of improvement. We just showed a local hotel’s marketing manager a $100,000+ per month improvement opportunity. Since it started, social media engagement has looked like a great idea to improve revenue at hotels. Books have been written – based on experience and gut instinct. Now academics […]

What is a hotel review and what is it worth?

Hotel reviews are an interesting game – and few hotels play it well.   Today’s topic – what’s that review worth ( and what is a review anyway )? If hotels knew what reviews were worth – they’d likely all play better.   TLDR: reviews drive 80-90% of booking decisions and the majority of reviews […]

How to make your marketing 500% more effective – and save money

Five Hundred Percent Wooof – that’s a big claim!!   And it’s actually an understatement.   Studies have shown that user generated content ( aka UGC ) are 6x ( that’s 600% ) more effective at catching visitors attention and getting action to happen than brand created content.   The reasons make sense. User Generated […]

The surprising way hotels completely miss out on sales

You care about your guests – we care about you.   At Red Rope Social – we spend a lot of time looking at the social media streams for hotels. Big hotels, little hotels, franchises, chains, independents, owned and operated – hundreds of properties.   The first time I saw this miss, I assumed it […]

Your customers and their sphere of influence

Your guests have a broad sphere of influence.   This might not be something you regularly consider but it is a key lever to improving brand perception ( and demand for your rooms). Remember the multiplier effect – every guest has at least 200+ friends/followers ( and some are well over 10,000 ).   How do […]