Cheaper, faster, easier

Being focused helps companies build better products.
ADP does payroll – cheaper, faster, easier than companies can do themselves.
Bridgestone makes tires – cheaper, faster, easier than car manufactures can do themselves
Corning makes GorillaGlass – cheaper, faster easier than Apple can make it.
At Red Rope Social we focus on social media response.
Because we focus, we are cheaper, faster, and easier than you doing it yourself.
We also respond all the time – because relationships with customers drive more revenue.
Your customers are flocking to social – shouldn’t you be there too?

What’s guest happiness worth to you?

Can you afford to spend 8cents/night on guest happiness?
To have your guests be happy, tell their friends about you, and come back??
Business has changed for hotels and resorts.
Third party aggregators and agents have commoditized you by price.
Your loyalty program is ineffective in keeping customers (consumers average 8 loyalty programs ).
The action that earns loyalty today, that has someone come back to your property, is the relationship those guests have with your property.
Relationships are built today on social media.
Social media has exploded, it is word of mouth advertising on steroids.
You can rely on OTAs or hope that a mobile app or more advertising spend will get you business but the cheapest and the most effective way is to build relationships with your guests.
Build relationships in the way guests want, they way that makes them happy on social media.
These guests will sing your praises.
They will come back to you and bring their friends.
You will reap the rewards.
Look at the photos on Instagram taken by visitors to your property.
Then look at the people who took them and their follower size.
Those people have hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousands of followers.
This is a gold mine of relationships and brand awareness.
If you aren’t in the conversation – you are invisible.
So can you afford 8 cents? or is that too much?

Why private responses on reviews are a bad idea

You know how important perception is for your hotel.
You put a lot of effort into marketing, decor, and guest impressions.
The part you may not be thinking about is “what do my guest’s friends think?” based on your social media responses ( or lack of response ).
Social media is word of mouth – on steroids – Gary Vaynerchuk 2016
The piece that people don’t think about – conversations are public now.
Given that everyone can see a review or post – if you respond privately people will have the impression that you did NOT respond.
Not responding equates to not caring.
You are making an impression to the people who photo, review, and post to you – but even more important are the 150 to 10,000+ followers each of those people have.
Every conversation with a guest is being watched and evaluated by their hundreds or thousands of friends. It’s not imagination, it’s life today.
It doesn’t matter if that conversation is on a review site, a post, an Instagram photo, or a tweet – it has a broad audience.
This is where posting public responses can provide that halo effect – letting everyone know that you care as a brand.
The conversation may go private ( people may not want phone or email published on social media ) but it’s important that publicly people can witness you being in the game.
The fact that you show caring is more important to the audience who witness the conversation than the outcome of that conversation.
I’ll say that again.
The audience’s impression is more important than a single conversation.
It’s really about touching all the people around the conversation.
Touching those people shapes their perception of you – and their desire to stay at your hotel.
That perception leads to direct bookings and higher room rates ( high desire makes higher prices OK ).
People are impressed by a brand that cares – irrespective of how any individual review works out.
So start all your responses publicly – your REVPAR will thank you later.

How to improve your hotel’s revenue by $30K+ per month

$30K in cashThat is not a typo.
And it’s at the low end of improvement.

We just showed a local hotel’s marketing manager a $100,000+ per month improvement opportunity.

Since it started, social media engagement has looked like a great idea to improve revenue at hotels.

Books have been written – based on experience and gut instinct.
Now academics have wrapped numbers around those hypothesis.

Researchers at Cornell University have done the research and found that hotels responding consistently on social media can raise their rates by 11%.
How big a net profit increase would that be?

I’m a simple guy – here’s how that math plays out using a 10% increase for ease of calculation.

Using a 100 room hotel with an average nightly rate of $100. ( this equals $10k/night revenue )
A 10% increase in revenue is $1,000/day or $30k per month. If you have a higher average or more rooms – your numbers go up.

To reach this, you need consistent social engagement 24×7. That’s the question the researchers were after – “what’s the ROI of social engagement?”.

How do you get started? Prove this for yourself?

That’s where we come in.
Red Rope Social provides 24×7 engagement.
Our live team is on the job around the clock supporting your guests. All team members are on-shore and have years of experience.

How soon do you want to raise your revenue?
Let’s talk 🙂

What is a hotel review and what is it worth?

Hotel reviews are an interesting game – and few hotels play it well.
Today’s topic – what’s that review worth ( and what is a review anyway )?
If hotels knew what reviews were worth – they’d likely all play better.
TLDR: reviews drive 80-90% of booking decisions and the majority of reviews are NOT where you’ve been looking.
Reviews are great for guests – they provide information to compare hotels across known and niche brands.
Like you – hotel guests want to enjoy a great experience and reviews help travelers compare across various hotel properties.
Multiple research projects point to review data as the #1 reason a guest books a given hotel.
They also expose the exploding definition of what your guests see as a review.
Guests today see hotel reviews as: Instagram photos, Facebook comments, and posts from their hundreds ( or thousands ) of social media friends and followers.
Guests today don’t care as much about traditional travel review sites like Expedia, TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Yelp, etc.
In our audits – we typically find social media posts account for 10-100 times the volume of posts on traditional review sites.
Direct bookings happen because you visibly reply, comment, and engage with social posts.
That’s everyone’s first level decisions process.
If you aren’t in there – you aren’t visible.
When they can’t find anything in social media, they go to a “traditional” review site ( but seriously – every hotel has geotagged and guest created Instagram photos so why use a review site? ).
If someone is reading reviews on a review site – they will likely book from there ( with the associated costs to your hotel ).
You want as many social media decisions as possible – because it’s the direct booking driver.
( and we’re pretty sure direct bookings are what you want – right? )
Back to that TLDR – reviews are worth at least 50% of your revenue and the definition of a review has expanded.
How are you staying in the game?
Red Rope Social provides 24×7 live coverage, response, and escalation – priced scalably ( like Starbucks ).
We cover social ( i.e. Instagram ) and review sites – so you can sleep at night and get the direct bookings you want.
Contact us for a free audit and strategy plan.