The phone call is dead – email is close behind

Good news – your clients are clamoring to get your attention. 
They want to do business with you – NOW. 
Bad news – NOT the way you are used to. 
They are avoiding your phone number as hard as possible, they don’t want to email either. 
In all honesty – it’s because the chances of getting a live response are poor. 
We’ve incorporated phone trees and email auto-responders – both of which frustrate people. 
Social posts and DMs are how people communicate today – and how they want to communicate with you. 
This DM to a Hawaii resort is increasingly common: 
Hi morning do you have any availability for easter weekend?
It’s for 12 adult and 5 kids
Easter Thursday till easter Monday
Obviously this person could have self booked in a variety of ways or called on the phone – but they didn’t.
This is booking for 17 people and 4 weekend nights – arguably a $10,000+ reservation. 
Wouldn’t you want to be responding to this kind of business?
If you make it hard for them, how fast will they pick a different venue?
Let’s help our customers do the business they want – even if we need to learn a few things.

The surprising way hotels completely miss out on sales

You care about your guests – we care about you.
At Red Rope Social – we spend a lot of time looking at the social media streams for hotels.
Big hotels, little hotels, franchises, chains, independents, owned and operated – hundreds of properties.
The first time I saw this miss, I assumed it was a unicorn event – incredibly rare.
I saw the second later the same day.
And a third ( it was a busy day ).
The next day I saw more of the same and quit counting.
What’s the miss?
 It’s potential guests asking for rooms, room rates, or bigger rooms in a hotel but getting no response. The hotels are literally ignoring sales opportunities
In a few cases, responses came weeks or even months after the initial request.
This is not a good guest experience ( how would you feel if a response was weeks or months later in coming? ).
In the grand scheme of things, missing a sale or 2 doesn’t seem like much – but the reality is much worse.
You are telling that person – that you don’t care about your guests.
You are telling that person’s friends – that you don’t care about your guests ( this is social media, every communication has an audience ).
You are telling anyone who looks at your social media stream – that you don’t care about your guests.
And worst – you are telling your team that you don’t care about your guests ( they notice even if you don’t ).
How many sales do you think that cumulative message is worth?
How many OTA commissions, steep discounts, or empty rooms?
How much do you think it increases your marketing costs?
Consumer behavior is changing – fast.
They expect social media response – or they spend money with someone else.
You could be the one making those sales – and letting everyone know that you care – for about what the soap in your room costs. Our team is on-shore and around the clock.
You don’t need to miss out on sales anymore – contact us for a free social analysis.
Next week – how to make your marketing 500% more effective AND save money.
( yes, data backs this up )