Social media posting is a 3 step process

But everyone forgets steps 2 and 3
Every social media vendor has tutorials for posting on social media.
Most have multiple articles, some even have videos.
All touted as being drivers of sales.
That’s awesome – but it’s incomplete.
Horribly and neglectfully incomplete.
( sorry folks, just being real here )
Step 2 and 3 are the actual drivers of sales – not step 1.
Every process needs a step 1 but it’s almost never the end.
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Here’s the gold – if you do steps 2 and 3 decently, you will need less of step 1.
Social media marketers don’t talk enough about directly driving sales. I think it’s because they mostly come from an advertising backgrounds and haven’t played the conversion pixel game. It may also be because they’ve only done shallow analysis.
OK Bill, enough with the suspense, what are steps 1,2,3??
  1. post something on social media.
    This is a step with value BUT like dating, the first “pickup line” is NOT the relationship.
    This is the easy step, the out-sourceable step, the schedule_in_advance_for_a_month step.
    And I’m sorry but this step WON’T MAKE YOU ANY MONEY.
    Because this is easy everyone can do it  – but it’s empty by itself.
  2. respond to people who interact with #1.
    Now we are getting somewhere.
    This actually needs to be a real human conversation.
    Real conversation builds trust.
    Amazon had live human customer support people on the phone in the very early days – true story, I called them with a problem. Because they wanted to build trust, they let me keep my original order, refunded all my money, and sent me the correct item for free. It wasn’t an expensive order – they probably spent less than $50 – and now I’ve spent thousands with them. That was a genius response.
    This is the first money step and it directly drives sales.
  3. social proof – aka witnessing your good deeds.
    Thousands of people see how you operate in step 2 – and then decide if you are trustworthy enough for business. If you aren’t responding, many will decide you aren’t trustworthy and will look for someone who is.
    How many sales did you lose because you couldn’t be bothered to respond in step 2?
    This is the second money step.
    This also drives sales.
This is not the standard narrative.
Yep, we know.
This does however make perfect sense.
Please – put some attention on 2 & 3 – your conversion rates will thank you.
At Red Rope Social, we watch human behavior, think about what they are doing, then help our brands build relationships (and sales) with their audience.
You could say we scale 2 & 3 for you.