Smart service -> $$++

I just got up-sold two services and I’m very happy about it.
That’s ~30% more revenue for the company than I initially planned to spend.
And all because a behemoth treated me like a valuable human.
This is proof that “we can’t scale great interactions” is a lazy tactic – which ultimately leads to more customer churn and higher marketing spend ( huzzah for the marketing budget!! ).

USAA's huge office in San Antonio

USAA is huge.
Their office in San Antonio is a mile long ( literally a mile ).
It houses a Starbucks and multiple other national chains for it’s employees benefit.
You’d think at their scale, any caller would just be another commodity/cog.
Au contraire!
USAA has north of 28K employees, 12M clients, and 137B in assets.
My car insurance is an insignificant drop.
Despite my microscopic stature for the larger USAA business, Amanda was ridiculously nice, gave me cost saving suggestions, answered my most obscure questions, and ultimately got way more of my $$ than I’d originally planned – and I’m very happy about it.
That is genius – and I applaud anyone who’s approaching business like USAA does.
Side note – every time I walk into an Apple store – they treat me like an old friend, super helpful. Thus Apple continues to earn my $$ via leveraging the attention economy.