The customer journey is everything

How far has he walked?

Sales are awesome.
Reviews are gratifying.
Loyal customers validate our ideas.
But this is only the last 3% of the story.
Customer journeys start years and continents away.
The story of how they got to you – your hotel, restaurant, audio book, socket set – started when they were kids, hearing stories, imagining adventures and fairy tales.
You can’t go back in time to their childhood – but you can consider the ways their stories grew and your business becomes their focus.
This is the 2nd part of marketing or maybe it’s the first part of sales, actually talking with people who are customers or who are thinking about becoming customers.
The core drivers haven’t changed in millennia – trust, familiarity, and attention.
But the global village has exploded in size and Guizhen doesn’t walk past the town cobbler every day.
Because Guizhen isn’t walking past the cobbler, every other shoe maker has a possible chance at her attention.
If Ms Cobbler wants to keep Guizhen as a customer – now she needs to keep engaged and be front of mind for Guizhen.
Luckily we’ve got a new conversation tool – social media.
Ms Cobbler can ask Guizhen’s opinion of a new shoe line – before Ms Cobbler stocks up.
Ms Cobbler can learn how past purchases are holding up and what Guizhen is looking for next.
If she’s really clever, Ms Cobbler will ask Guizhen to check with her friends – making the “customer” an “insider” and influencer.
In a beautiful twist – these conversations are public on social media – and all Guizhen’s friends can witness, praise, and perhaps even become Ms Cobbler’s clients.
Wait a sec, this sounds like word_of_mouth advertising 😃
Yes it is – on steroids thanks to social media.
Someone is going to have these conversations and become Guizhen’s cobbler for life.
Could be you….