Your customers and their sphere of influence

Your guests have a broad sphere of influence.
This might not be something you regularly consider but it is a key lever to improving brand perception ( and demand for your rooms).
Remember the multiplier effect – every guest has at least 200+ friends/followers ( and some are well over 10,000 ).
How do you get all those friends to become your guests?
Hint: it’s way more powerful than OTAs or search aggregators.
We still live in a human-as-social-animal world.
We notice what our friends do, where they go, and the rare brand interactions they have on social media.
( “Rare” is a sad modifier for “brand interactions”.  The modifier should be “common place” or “daily”. )
Guests are reaching out every day to hotels on social media – and rarely do the hotels respond.
( hotels that care respond quickly – and earn higher booking volume and revenues )
If you want to leverage the friendship effects ( aka the social media halo effect ) connect with your guests on social media, let their friends see you care.
You’ll stand out above the crowd, earn more direct bookings, and have more control over pricing.
Next week – what every hotel misses in social selling ( Hint: it’s not about advertising on Facebook )