How to improve your hotel’s revenue by $30K+ per month

$30K in cashThat is not a typo.
And it’s at the low end of improvement.

We just showed a local hotel’s marketing manager a $100,000+ per month improvement opportunity.

Since it started, social media engagement has looked like a great idea to improve revenue at hotels.

Books have been written – based on experience and gut instinct.
Now academics have wrapped numbers around those hypothesis.

Researchers at Cornell University have done the research and found that hotels responding consistently on social media can raise their rates by 11%.
How big a net profit increase would that be?

I’m a simple guy – here’s how that math plays out using a 10% increase for ease of calculation.

Using a 100 room hotel with an average nightly rate of $100. ( this equals $10k/night revenue )
A 10% increase in revenue is $1,000/day or $30k per month. If you have a higher average or more rooms – your numbers go up.

To reach this, you need consistent social engagement 24×7. That’s the question the researchers were after – “what’s the ROI of social engagement?”.

How do you get started? Prove this for yourself?

That’s where we come in.
Red Rope Social provides 24×7 engagement.
Our live team is on the job around the clock supporting your guests. All team members are on-shore and have years of experience.

How soon do you want to raise your revenue?
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