How to make your marketing 500% more effective – and save money

Five Hundred Percent
Wooof – that’s a big claim!!
And it’s actually an understatement.
Studies have shown that user generated content ( aka UGC ) are 6x ( that’s 600% ) more effective at catching visitors attention and getting action to happen than brand created content.
The reasons make sense.
User Generated Content is word of mouth advertising.
Studies in 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2014 revealed that consumers trust word of mouth advertising more than brand messages and that the lifespan of UGC is much greater.
This all sounds great – how can it help your hotel?
The strategy isn’t complicated – you need to review and share your guests photos from Instagram.
( Instagram makes this easy with their geotags and hashtags )
If you’re at all nervous – there’s a brand you may have seen – Disney – who’s all over this strategy at their Aulani Resort in Hawaii.
They invite users to participate using the #aulani hashtag and almost all of the photos in the Aulani’s Instagram feed are UGC. Some of those photos also go to Facebook, Twitter, and other marketing mediums.
If Aulani can do this – so can you.
Wondering how to make this happen every day and cost effectively?
Red Rope Social can help.
We built a scalable and cost effective solution for hotels to engage with guests, get more direct bookings, and keep in budget.
We do the work, you reap the rewards.
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