What’s guest happiness worth to you?

Can you afford to spend 8cents/night on guest happiness?
To have your guests be happy, tell their friends about you, and come back??
Business has changed for hotels and resorts.
Third party aggregators and agents have commoditized you by price.
Your loyalty program is ineffective in keeping customers (consumers average 8 loyalty programs ).
The action that earns loyalty today, that has someone come back to your property, is the relationship those guests have with your property.
Relationships are built today on social media.
Social media has exploded, it is word of mouth advertising on steroids.
You can rely on OTAs or hope that a mobile app or more advertising spend will get you business but the cheapest and the most effective way is to build relationships with your guests.
Build relationships in the way guests want, they way that makes them happy on social media.
These guests will sing your praises.
They will come back to you and bring their friends.
You will reap the rewards.
Look at the photos on Instagram taken by visitors to your property.
Then look at the people who took them and their follower size.
Those people have hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousands of followers.
This is a gold mine of relationships and brand awareness.
If you aren’t in the conversation – you are invisible.
So can you afford 8 cents? or is that too much?