The phone call is dead – email is close behind

Good news – your clients are clamoring to get your attention. 
They want to do business with you – NOW. 
Bad news – NOT the way you are used to. 
They are avoiding your phone number as hard as possible, they don’t want to email either. 
In all honesty – it’s because the chances of getting a live response are poor. 
We’ve incorporated phone trees and email auto-responders – both of which frustrate people. 
Social posts and DMs are how people communicate today – and how they want to communicate with you. 
This DM to a Hawaii resort is increasingly common: 
Hi morning do you have any availability for easter weekend?
It’s for 12 adult and 5 kids
Easter Thursday till easter Monday
Obviously this person could have self booked in a variety of ways or called on the phone – but they didn’t.
This is booking for 17 people and 4 weekend nights – arguably a $10,000+ reservation. 
Wouldn’t you want to be responding to this kind of business?
If you make it hard for them, how fast will they pick a different venue?
Let’s help our customers do the business they want – even if we need to learn a few things.