Are you wasting your advertising budget?

How big is your advertising budget?
How ineffective is it?

Advertising is just a conversation starter and your ad is just one voice in a cacophony.

The 85 year old patriarch of my family understands this.
He knows that businesses thrive on conversation and word of mouth.
He wants ( and gets ) relationships with businesses – to their lasting benefit.

Advertising or posting on social media without responding is completely missing the point.

Social media is a new game.
It’s not a magazine or a television show.
Response is what’s wanted, conversation is the value.
Advertising and posting on social media without responding is the same as having a phone but never answering it ( which a surprisingly large number of companies do… ).

In our always-on, always connected culture the way to stand out is to respond.
You’ll be a standout amongst your competition ( SouthWest Airlines is a great example ).

Data backs this up with higher revenue and lower complaints.

What have you got to loose?