Social media is about building relationships and accelerated friendship

Relationships that lead to sales. 
( relationships = recurring revenue and word of mouth marketing )
Advertising is about brand awareness, product placement, and solutions to problems.
It’s a logical approach in a world where people have no idea your thing ( and the problem it solves ) exists.
But the world has changed – everyone knows your thing has 100 ( or 100,000 ) competitors.
Your thing isn’t special – it’s just one of many.
Brand awareness and problem solving aren’t what people need anymore.
Google and Amazon give them access to a surplus of brands and solutions.
People want relationships. 
( to be more accurate we demand relationships – if you aren’t a relationship you are a commodity )
People have friends, cliques, clubs, dates, get married – those are relationships.
We want to spend money where we have relationships also.
A retired UPS guy just came by my dad’s house.
He remembers delivering to my parents for 20 years.
That’s a relationship. That’s longevity. That’s a recurring revenue opportunity. That’s friendship.
Social media is the easiest way for you to grow relationships, friendships, and recurring revenue.
Actually paying attention to people – like that UPS driver did for my folks – means UPS got all of my parents delivery dollars.
My dad and the driver are friends, UPS makes the revenue.
You can’t advertise your way to a relationship.
You have to actually engage and converse with people.
You can spend more money on advertising – or spend less and build relationships.
Your choice.